We are able to produce all kinds of Ladies swimwear according customers’


We are able to produce all kinds of Ladies swimwear according customers’ requirements with professional paper maker , sample maker, quality control, timely delivery and competitive price with lower MOQ : 300 pcs/color.

If you are playing in a public swimming pool or a water park, just wear a sporty one-piece swimsuit. The swimming pool is filled with all kinds of uncles, aunts, younger brothers and younger sisters like dumplings. If you are alone in a bikini, it would be embarrassing. Yeah.

If you are basking on the beach or attending a private pool party, it’s different. Wearing a bikini will come in handy. It’s the best thing to show up and hide. The trick to wearing a swimsuit is just one word. Use your strengths and avoid weaknesses.

If you are thin and long, have no chest, no buttocks, and look like two walking chopsticks from a distance, then your weapons are: legs, waist, arms, and collarbone, decisively choose split bikini, upper body can choose to bring lace and tassels The style of this kind of expansion will make your airport look more three-dimensional.

If you have a big head, you can choose a one-line neck strapless swimsuit to highlight your sexy collarbone and shoulders. And it can make the head look smaller.

If you are a poor breast, then choose a vest type and wrap your chest so that others can’t see it, and you can use pads, pads, pads, and cups like invisible chest stickers to gather together. If you don’t have one, then What are you doing?

The goddesses of the fat world have thick legs, thick waists, thick arms and at least a thick chest. So if you have a thick waist, you must choose a one-piece swimsuit. If you have thick legs, you must choose a swimsuit with a skirt and a wide skirt. Wide, cover the thighs, swimsuits with a dark waistline, or dark in the middle and light on both sides, so that others will mistake you for thinness. The thick arms and accessory breasts can be covered with a small shawl, so there is no problem.

Fat girls will not be too shallow. Deep V is your killer. In addition, girls with big breasts must remember that they must be able to gather in bikinis and have underwires, so that when running on the beach, they will not It will be "rough".

There are also some girls who are in good shape and look good in everything, so it goes without saying.




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